To uplift millions of underprivileged children in India through high-quality, holistic education and to empower women through career development and entrepreneurship. One student, one teacher, one school at a time – we're starting the movement for sustainable change that will impact lives and communities across India, for the better.


Sudiksha Knowledge Solutions was born on an Innovative IDEA to make early childhood education sustainably accessible through a private organization for the Bottom of the Pyramid people. Through Dedication from its founding members and its staff, they have been able to impact and empower children, and parents improve their livelihoods through an early start in education, in addition to the teachers who have economically Empowered themselves through this opportunity. We continue to be Accountable to make a lasting impact in all the lives we touch and to keep quality early childhood education affordable.


Education is a liberator from the cycle of poverty and a window to a world of opportunities. In our humble understanding, education is a necessity everywhere now, more than ever before. Our aim is to be able to bring Access & Excellence in education to BoP population of India. We believe that only a self-sustaining model, like the one we are attempting to create, is the way forward to ensuring that every poor in the country gets quality education.


Sudiksha Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd was founded in 2010 by Mr Naveen Kumar and Ms Nimisha Mittal. They are both post graduates from the Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM) Bhopal whom had a vision to provide affordable education for the less privileged. Initially, they began setting up primary schools however soon realized the problems the children faced, impeding them from reaching their potential started before first grade. With this awakening they turned to play school institution, a child’s first school can be utterly crucial as it will be their first memories of education, and life. The journey till date has been competitive and very challenging. The seeds sown a few years ago have turned into wonderful tall saplings, this shows that our hard work and dedication towards our mission have not gone in vain.

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